The Association of People Living with HIV [APLHIV]-Pakistan is a Nationwide Network of People Living With HIV, affected by HIV and associated Key Populations. The APLHIV was commissioned formally in 2008, in response to the absence of an appropriate platform to voice and address the human rights issues of PLHIV and other associated populations/people and to provide them a quality of life with dignity.  The Federal Secretariat of the APLHIV is located at Islamabad, which provides an effective and vibrant venue to a wide range of National and International Organizations with diverse goals to get together to exchange and share HIV related resources and to engage in partnerships to enhance the quality, coverage and impact of their efforts to combat HIV epidemic and address the issues associated with HIV & AIDS. The APLHIV operates under National Coordinator and Deputy National Coordinator assisted by a team consisting of experts, under the policies spelled by a multi disciplinary Federal Executive Board, elected by the community from across the country. The APLHIV collaborates with existing National and Provincial Structures, Regional Partners, International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and the United Nations system for the implementation of various projects, activities and to achieve its mission, goal and objectives. In recent past the APLHIV has emerged as National research agency generating and providing sufficient evidence to the policy and decision makers to combat HIV epidemic and improve quality of life of communities with dignity.

The APLHIV-Pakistan envisions a society where people living with HIV, affected by HIV and associated Populations have equal rights and live with dignity, free of stigma and discrimination. Whereas the Mission of the APLHIV illustrates a need to improve the quality of life of People living with HIV, affected by HIV and associated Populations and their families; ensuring their active participation in society and contribution to HIV Response.

Given the changes and challenges in the environment that require setting directions and action planning, the APLHIV developed its 1st ever Strategic Plan for the period 2016-2020 through an extensive consultative process that involved a wide range of stakeholders, including public and private sectors, donor and community organizations, community members/activists and National and International experts. The strategic plan is aligned with APN+ strategic frame work and Pakistan AIDS Strategy (PAS III). Advocacy, Monitoring, Research & Evaluation, Independence & Empowerment and System Strengthening are the Strategic Directions of the APLHIV.