Introduction:  Young people have their specific issues and needs which need to be addressed for a safe future generation. Global Fund and other partners attach a greater importance to engagement of YPLHIV and YKPs in addressing their issues.  This illustrates a need to take young people from HIV community and key populations on board around the table while making policies and decisions affecting their lives. Today a more focused effort is required to address the issues of youth and it becomes more needed when approximately 60% population of country consist of youth. In recent past the youth from HIV community and Key populations had no platform for them to share their issues, experiences, knowledge and a way forward. A platform which can focus on to their rights, needs, issues, exchange information/knowledge/experiences, barriers to access treatment, care and support facilities, to unify their voices, advocacy by them and to empower them is dire need of the time. Ironically youth specific services in the country are nonexistent even though the youth especially from KPs are more vulnerable to HIV infection. This issue was well taken by the APLHIV being the only National Network for HIV community and KPs. The APLHIV with technical and Financial support of Youth Lead (a Regional organization for Youth in Asia Pacific) decided to launch a semi independent network for YPLHIV/YKPs “Y Chapter[Y+] in Pakistan under the umbrella of the APLHIV. Establishment of any such network is also one of the needs of time under the Strategic Directions of the APLHIV.

The APLHIV was successful in getting all the National Stakeholders on Board to launch the Y-Chapter. The 1st ever network for YKPs & YPLHIV was launched on 26th August 2015. As displayed in the picture high level dignitaries from public and private sectors, UN systems and from within the communities attended the launching ceremony of the Y-Chapter. The Y-Chapter envisions a platform/mechanism where the young people exercise their rights for healthy, dignified and respectful lives, and are leaders in addressing their issues tailored to their needs and rights. The Mission of the Y-Chapter reads out Mobilize young people from infected and affected communities and to develop skilled and empowered leaders for tomorrow.

After its establishment the Y-Chapter is engaged in capacitating young leaders from HIV Community and KPs under the umbrella of the APLHIV. Over 350 young leaders have been trained by the APLHIV under Y-Chapter on issues related to Global Fund, CCM, Organizational Management, Financial Management, Project Proposal Writing, Monitoring, Country Epidemiology, Role of Young leaders in HIV response, Advocacy Skills and representing their constituency at various forums. The APLHIV is committed to provide a trained and skill leadership to HIV Community and the KPs through its Y-Chapter.