Project Description

This project includes two projects which are the Hello+ and Data Registry Base, which are dealt separately in their own links in the site. However a brief introduction is: –

  1. Hello+ (Toll Free Help Line 0800-22209). It is of utmost importance and absolutely crucial for Positive people (PLHIVs) speak to each other and to their peers on the issues being faced by them on daily bases and seeks solutions. Being able to voice their problems and issues would bring down stigma, discrimination, social and economical burden. The problems linked with HIV community and associated populations have compromised the rights, quality of life and social livings in most of the cases.  Therefore a need was felt to provide a service for the infected and affected people where they could discuss freely about their issues ensuring the confidentiality and at same time getting access to the basic information about HIV&AIDS and related issues. After careful deliberations and thoughts the idea was floated to establish a helpline as a pilot project. The helpline named as HELLO+ was started by the APLHIV in October 2011 with support of UNAIDS and UNICEF. This help line is providing three (3) basic services which are: –
  1.  Basic information about HIV&AIDs.
  2. Telephonic counseling to the callers.
  3.  Making referrals to the concerned centers for care and support, VCT and treatment services.

Two peer counselors (one male and one Female) are available to provide the above mentioned services from 9 AM to 8PM on all working days of the week. An automatic answering machine shall be installed soon to provide the services round the clock. 

  1. Data Base Registry. A registry or a database is collection of records of people living with HIV and registered with the Association of People Living with HIV. Generally, this data is kept in a computer database with strict application of confidentialities

Over 600 PLHIVS have been registered in last 6 months with Association. Meanwhile further registration is in continuous process. To empower the PLHIVs in Pakistan,  to deal with the increasing complexities of prevention, treatment, care and support, and the reduction in stigma and discrimination updated and accurate data/ membership is of utmost importance. Keeping same in view with the support of UNAIDS the APLHIV has started a latest kind of data registry base. This project shall on one side provide the accurate data at national level and on other hand shall facilitate the membership and future election process of the Federal and provincial Boards.