Project Description


The rights of individuals to access SRH services, and to make their own decisions about their SRH care, have been well recognized and to have Sexual and reproductive rights apply to all individuals regardless of HIV status. Yet more often than not, the rights of HIV-Positive Females are not recognized or given priority. Gender inequality and some social and cultural practices often tightly restrict and sometimes control the decisions that women and girls can make regarding their sexual and reproductive choices due to poverty, HIV-related stigma, and discrimination. The access of HIV-Positive Females to critically needed information and services is severely curtailed, with dire consequences. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, has been a neglected area, in Pakistan and up till now, fewer is known about existence of service delivery to cater the SRH needs of positive females.

The APLHIV being the National Network of the HIV Community gives immense importance to the empowerment of its positive female members. The visionary approach of the leadership of the APLHIV focused to educate positive female on SRH&R issues. In March 2015 1st step was taken for the empowerment of Positive females by establishing a semi independent network within the fold of the APLHIV and this project was 2nd major step to educate and empower the positive females.
The APLHIV in collaboration with APN+ launched this project in 2015. In Phase I of the project a Research/Assessment was undertaken to know SRH needs of Positive females. The assessment was conducted across the country, in order to launch a capacity building plan for them, on issues related to SRHR. The overall objective of the study was to identify gaps in the service delivery for Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights, in Pakistan. The study population comprised of HIV-Positive females, who self-reported diagnosed with HIV infection, prior to their participation in the study. A sample size of 120 was agreed, in consultation, with national stakeholders. APLHIV engaged ‘HIV Positive Female Network (POFEN), for the initial study seeds and subsequently snowball technique was used, until the required sample was achieved. The detailed report can be accessed by Clicking on the Tab “Reports on the main page.
In Phase II of the Project, the Positive Females are being educated on SRH&R issues under the banner of POFEN. A training module has been developed to train the positive females. So far over 150 positive females have been educated. Capacity building of Steering Committee of the POFEN on Advocacy Skills, Organizational Management and meaningful involvement at policy and decision making levels is in process. Under the same project Peep Smear tests have also been provided to the positive females.