• img1Nayyar Mujeeb

    Became the Chairperson of the APLHIV in Dec 2010. She is the first female Chairperson of the APLHIV. Hails to KHYBER PAKHTUN KHAWA (KPK) former NWFP. Possesses a pleasing and down to earth nature, has great concern for the welfare of community and issues faced by the community, has represented the organization at various national and regional forums.

  • Musarrat Jabeen

    An educated female social worker. Was elected as Vice Chairperson of the federal board in Dec 2010. She has rendered great services to identify and bring forward the new leadership for the community. Is always willing and takes initiative for provision of services to the infected and affected people. Has represented the organization in many national and regional forums.

  • img3Khurram Shahzad

    An energetic and active board member representing the Kashmir region in board. Was elected as Vice Chairperson of the board in Dec 2010. Has been always up for the welfare of the community. Possesses innovative mind. Has represented the organization in national and regional forums.

  • img4Aziz- Ur- Rehman

    A hard working, simple, straight forward and down to earth person who represent Punjab province in the board. Is keen to work for the welfare of the people infected and affected. Remains alert on new happenings in the community. Also performing the duties of joint secretary of the federal board.

  • img5Abdul Latif Sheikh

    Represent the community from Sindh province. Has vast experience of working at various positions of CBOs, including the posts of President, Vice President and General Secretary of some of the CBOs. Was elected as the board member in 2010 and is presently working as member of the board and has also been the Vice President for a short term. Desires that the voice of the community is unified from the platform of the APLHIV.

  • img6Raza Muhammad Baloch

    Represents the community from Sindh province since Dec 2010. He is an active member of the board and possesses high level of education. Presently he is involved in provision of health care services to the community. Enjoys good repute in his circle. Always willing to serve the needy people. Any one from community can contact him if needed.

  • img7Abdul Ghafoor

    A simple and down to earth personality who was elected as board member in 2010 from Baluchistan. He is always concerned about the community members from his province. He is a willing worker and always ready to take initiative for the welfare of the community. His honesty gives him a special position in his circle.

  • img8Muhammad Zubair

    A young dedicated and simple person who is representing the Baluchistan province in the board. Is also associated with another CBO to provide the services to the depressed community. He is serving the APLHIV as board member since 2010. Is intelligent and quite by nature.

  • img9Wazir Khan

    Represent the FATA region in the board since 2010. He is simple, honest and hard working person with sober personal characteristics. He desires to work for the welfare of human beings in general and is always concerned about the community members.

  • img10Haleem Khan

    Represents the KPK province in the board. Is simple and hard working. Accepts the challenges with open arms. Performs the duties to the best of his abilities. Has vast experience of serving the country being at various positions.