Project Description

The only HIV helpline at National level is being managed by the APLHIV round the clock. The helpline focuses on five [5] major areas which include: –

  1. Provision of basic information about HIV.
  2. Provision of basic information about HCV.
  3. Telephonic counseling.
  4. Referral services.
  5. Receiving complaints, suggestions and feedback about provision and quality of services.

The recorded information about all above mentioned services is available in Urdu, Sindhi, Balouchi and Pashto languages. By end June 2016, the helpline has received over 20483 calls from across Pakistan. 18365 people have been provided with basic information about HIV and/or HCV, 752 people with referral services to various SDPs, 755 callers with counseling and 611 with other Misc services.

Anonymity, Confidentiality and Neutrality are the major guiding principles of helpline functioning. The services are being offered on 24/7 basis. Basic values of work of the APLHIV includes but not limited to : –

B Be aware. Broaden your general knowledge of groups and cultures.
I Include others. Have a variety of people involved in all groups and activities.
N Never assume! Ask questions; listen carefully; check understanding.
G Give respect. Treat all people fairly, honestly, and with positive regard.
O Openly communicate. Share information, expectations, and unwritten rules with everyone.